Limit posted:

My first thread *deep breaths* and what better way to start if off than with a nice old rant?
What provoked this was a verbal attack by my best mate about 30 minutes ago. It's the first time he has ever gotten so pissed off at me.

At the start of the year I moved into a granny-flat with my best mate (we'll label him Dave). I've known him about 4-5 years and share pretty much all the same interests, etc. During the past 4-5 months it has been pretty awesome... no more parents nagging and all that.

Unfortunately I became to realise a lot more about Dave's personality that I had no clue about before. Mood swings, stubbornness, self-centeredness... the list goes on. Sometimes it's almost like he has an actual mental problem.

For the pleasure of those reading, I'll enlighten you with one story from a recent event which highlights his problem(s).

About 8 days ago one of my WoW-buddies passed away It's almost embarrassing to admit you can get upset over someone you never actually met, but when you spend around 2 hours per night, talking to them for a year and a half, you obviously become close.
So, he passed away (anurism... sucks). When I received the news I became quite upset to the point of tears. After taking 30 minutes to calm myself, I told Dave of the news. The response was that he was going to go spent the night at his fiance's. Confused and honestly shocked - my best friend doesn't seem to care at all - I get in my car and go for a long, long drive. During the time away I receive several texts from him calling me anti-social and other such things.
I return home later, sleep, and goto work. The next day I'm talking to his fiance whom I am quite close to, and pretty much bitch about Dave and his lack of empathy. It blows up in my face. She sides with Dave (usually she takes the side of reason) and neither speak to me for several days. They actually invite me to a 3-hour dinner which they face slightly away from me and wouldn't look at me the entire night.

I'm a pretty decent guy and saw that the only way to partially resolve this would be to apologise. So, I apologise. I say sorry for spending the night driving round and for making the fiance angry at me.

They accept the apology. I get nothing in return.

To this day they still have said nothing at all. I've had countless other friends offer their condolences and offer support etc. And yet my two closest friends haven't done jack shit. It's something I will not forget easily. It feels like a slap in the face.

From Dave's perspective I shut my door for 30 minutes for no reason. I walked out of the house, got in my car, and took off. I bitched at his fiance trying to make him look bad. I don't care how he feels. I realised my mistake and apologised. I just had a fucking friend die you piece of shit. But hey, as long as you're happy, right?

Mawg posted:

Howdy sir.

There is a link in the "State of the goonion" thread in "Your Consloe sucks" subforum which contains a recording of my voice reading a speech last night to members of goonfleet on our private team speak server.

This recording is copywritten material, with the copyright owned by me.

I am a professional voice actor, and parts of this recording are possibly to be used in a revenu generating music recording which is currently being worked on by myself and several other members of goonfleet.

I am not trying to create a drama situation, nor do I have any beef with anyone, but permission was never granted for this recording to be posted here in any manner whatsoever. I therefore am asking you if you could remove the link to the file.

Thank you.
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