Trillaphon: "Do you think I'm believable as an evil genius? No? Yeah, I was surprised they cast me too."

Hydrogen: Kelsey Grammer Racing 6, now with Real 4D Rollover Action!

Trillaphon: "Check out my shitty 1964 British roadster simulator, it's ultra-realistic! First you get into a shitty 1964 British roadster, and then...that's it, game over. Congratulations, you win!"

Hydrogen: That was a sad cameo even by John Rhys-Davies' usual standards. Five minutes after he shows up, killed by an imaginary car crash...somehow.

Trillaphon: Yeah, I was willing to buy the front crash, but the imaginary invisible truck somehow clipping the top of the car is pretty baffling.

Hydrogen: Anything is possible when you're playing Nick Nolte's Celebrity DUI Death Race. Also, did we mention that the bad guy there programs COMPUTERS? He just wrote a COMPUTER VIRUS that made the car roll over, obviously.

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