I like my coffee like I like my graves.

_____ coming to the Paula Deen In Hell baking class or isn't you all?

When their quhab goes low, ours goes high. Respectability is how we're going to win. There's no room in the Democratic party for a...

The perfect gift for an archer who keeps the string drawn forever before releasing a shot.

I hardly knew um!

Drink lots of water and don't stay up too late streaming your FPS games on Twitch or you'll be a...

On second thought, I like my coffee like I like my zombie heads.

While performing a full exam to make sure he didn't have Covid-19, Trump's doctors were not surprised to find that his skull only contained smaller...

Fellas, ignore him. You're fine. You've got terrific personalities.

Changed my mind again. Now I like my coffee like I like my corpses.

Say, Blizzard, where do you get the ideas for all your games?

– Dennis Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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