Jeremy Renner Official - the official Jeremy Renner app of record - has been updated to version 1.9431.0001. This update makes a number of improvements that should interest all users, from casual fans to super users using our experimental nightly builds.

New Features

  • Santa Tracker - Accurate within a twenty foot radius, refreshing Santa's movements every fifteen seconds
  • UI Customization - Toggle between Light Mode, Dark Mode, and Hansel & Gretel Leather Mode
  • Journeys Through History - Enter the first virtual exhibition in the Hall of Jeremy, entitled "Renoit - The First Renner?"
  • Flashlight - Press the flashlight icon to turn on your camera phone's flash, turning it into a handy flashlight
  • Rennerssaince Faire - Infinitely zoom in on a poorly compressed spinning jpg of a turkey leg
  • Communication - Press the numbers in an order that corresponds to a phone number to place a telephone call to that number
  • Clock - A clock that displays the current time
  • Battery Indicator - A handy icon that tells you how much of your phone's battery charge is left
  • 28 Sneaks Later - Celebrate the underrated horror flick 28 Weeks Later by browsing a photo gallery of Jeremy Renner's sneaker collection


  • Rennies (the in-app digital currency) can now be purchased with JerCoins (the volatile cryptocurrency)
  • Your device's autocorrect will now try - and succeed - to replace every word with Renner, even outside the app
  • Added support for the Vulkan renderer, increasing framerate by an average of 40fps
  • All blood changed to sweat in order for the app to be distributed in China
  • Default language changed from Rennish to your device's default language
  • All recipes updated to remove the ingredient "A fatal dose of arsenic"

Bug Fixes

  • Random duck quacking noises fixed, are now steady and sustained and unrelenting

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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