Letting Others Do the Entertaining for Me!

I spent the last few hours resizing images and giving them completely unfunny captions. What images? Why, the runners up from the SA Vs FARK Battle of the Photoshop Titans, brought to you by Worth1000, which I think gives away handjobs for downloading Bonzai Buddy or something. As usual, I am content to sit on my ass and watch the laughs roll in rather than do a real update myself. So check it the fuck out.

Something Awful had heard plenty about the supposed skill of the Photoshoppers at FARK and decided to bring the war center stage. A challenge was issued; "Create TV shows that would never be made" using the magic of Photoshop, and the imagination, and possibly drugs. Mostly drugs. A brief but intense digital firefight ensued and as the judging of the top ten finalists (by mega star Wil Wheaton) begins, I felt it appropriate to pay our respects to those of you at Something Awful who were hilarious, but didn't quite make the cut.

If a lobster riding Linkin' Park doesn't get you to take a look, I don't know what will. CHECK IT OUT BEFORE I MURDER AND EAT YOUR FAMILY.

PS - IMPARTIAL JUDGING HAD BETTER BE BROUGHT TO US BY THE TALENTED MR. WHEATON, and the Make A Wish Foundation: Making Wishes Come True Until That One Kid Wished for a Hooker.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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