I get the feeling Aishlinn has a more positive opinion of the Burning Man festival than me.

I don't know what's less believable in this Lodin image, the President giving a black power salute or qualifying for the Olympics.

lofi proposes an unusual rocket design but it's still safer than the space shuttle ever was.

Whoa Loden Taylor, what's with these pee jokes? Oh wait I already made one too, damn.

I bet scopes takes credit for this popular image to impress outsiders. I know I do!

Gosh I'm starting to worry this Phriday might be a little controversial. Thanks a lot Ritznit!

Jose Oquendo got banned from Facebook for making this award-winning image, but it was removed only after ad revenues were processed.

These other 'shoppers are just fronting, Mammal Sauce knows what atrocities look like.

Lux Animus and I see more eye-to-eye on Burning Man. Wait, what's with its mouth...?

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