This Phriday something I haven't seen before happened: it turns out Egbert Souse's original image was incomplete! After all those hours of digital manipulation forums users were shocked to find out the Slovenian sculptor intended his effigy to be... wearing lipstick???

To add to the confusion LadyPictureShow added another Slovenian sculpture to the mix, purportedly of the First Lady. Kinda looks like Monkeychrist to me but what do I know?

Flyball went ahead and updated their earlier submission. Everybody else said screw it!

LadyPictureShow took this image straight from my childhood night-terrors, thanks amigo!

Ghostlight better be careful or that "T" emblem is going on campaign shirts.

I gotta tell you Flyball, for the longest time I thought this was just a calm.jpg nod until I bothered to GIS it. These forums have ruined my brain forever.

I'm not going to pretend to get this Warhammer reference by Tony Snark, I'm way too poor.

LadyPictureShow here makes a complex comment on racism in Japanese culture and the disconcerting effect of retcons, especially in children's media. Yeah that's right Lowtax I made the last one academic, whatchu gon' do about it huh!?!?!

What fun we've had today with an unfinished effigy of a political figure! Muchas gracias to the SomethingAwful forums users for all their ridiculous efforts, and if this article hasn't changed your personal beliefs well then you just weren't looking hard enough, read it again.

– Ian "BFM" Helm

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