From: "Chase"
Subject: GTA : San Andreas

Dear Editor,

I appreciate the time you took (maybe) to review the game, but to tell you the truth, your review is riddled with errors in the first two paragraphs. First of all, the main character's name is Carl Johnson, not Carl Jordan. His mother died, not his father. When you talk about the "rhythm gameplay" it is obvious that you barely played the game at all. Those missions are one of the first few, and never occur again, and are not required to be played any more to complete the game. Some cars (the crappy ones) spin out easily, but if you have played these games as much as I have, it's not hard to control the vehicles; it takes getting used to, nothing should be easy at first in a good game. All I'm saying is that you obviously haven't put enough time into reviewing this game. When gamers notice these things, they tend not to believe a word you say. Get better!

- filterX

This is Chase. Chase is kind of special. You see, he is one of the few people who wrote me an angry email, twice, and then realized it was all a farce. Come on Chase, what's wrong with you for Christ's sake?

From: "Chase"
Subject: GTA : San Andreas - Part 2

Hi Again,

Like you, I didn't finish my job completely. I cut off halfway through your review, and started writing my previous e-mail. I'll admit the story is a little lacking, the story can't possibly compare to for instance, a Final Fantasy series. I seriously think that you didn't complete the game... You say that it took only 20 hours to complete, I finished in 40 hours, without cheats, and that is average. 20 hours would be amazing. I don't know what game you actually played, but the final mission is incredibly hard... not to mention several other missions that are nearly impossible.

You talk about the graphics being so great, they are really not much better than vice city was, the cars are bit more shiny when new, but the game certainly doesn't compare to other games as far as graphics go.

You say that these impressive graphics bog the game down, I have to tell you, one of the first things I noticed about the game was the fast load times. I remember playing GTA3 and Vice City, and having horrible wait times for different sections to load. You fail to mention the fact that, when travelling to different areas ( city wise ) there is no lag time whatsoever. Many players of Vice City can recall that going from island to island was quite a pain, waiting for the next island to load. That is no longer a problem.

I can't really talk about the problem with overheating, but I purchased a new slim PS2 right before the game came out, and have had no problems at all. Not a single lock up. Since I'll assume you tested more than one box, I'll just say I was maybe lucky.

In your last paragraph, it just looks like you are trying to bash the game purely on Rockstar's advertising campaign. I think that you got an e-mail from Rockstar, were offended, and set out from the start to bash the game.

I don't know if you have read this far, but if you have, I have one final thing to say. I have been with SA for quite a long time, and I have had great respect for everything that comes out of SA, but, this single article, as weakly put together as it was, has cut deeply into the respect I have for SA. I really hope never to notice something like this again here.

- filterX

Chase, look, it was all a joke! Please don't hurt me. I'm going to call the police. MARTHA PICK UP THE PHONE AND DIAL 911 NOW!!!

From: "Chase"
Subject: God dammit I'm stupid.


oops. wellllllll, it seems that I have been fooled. I am truely a loyal SA fan ( Something Awful, not San Andreas ) I decided to read what was posted on the front page about the San Andreas review, and noticed that I am a moron. Sorry for the flame!

My bad,

Oh Chase, will you ever learn?

From: "Chase"
Subject: More apologies - lol....

I really wish I would have looked into Truth Media reviews before all of this.... dammit.

It's okay, Chase. It's all over now.

On the next page there is something about something.

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