Unless it's Lasanga Cat I'm not clicking.

This is just an excuse for havin' no game, son. Get out there and give some women some backhanded compliments and they'll be yours!

Well the Bible has a lot of contradictions. There's probably another passage where they say cut penises look better or something.

Nah, I think eternity jumped the shark years ago. Eternity's days are numbered.

I like diggin up dead bodies
look at me Im gross
my name's Violent J but you can call me syphillis
gonorrhea the clap cause i infected this rap
you wanna know if i could ever kill somebody
well thats like askin Charlie Manson if he's ever been in jail
I kill family, friends, myself
what, yeah, I'd kill myself if I could only survive

Considering most of America lives a McChristian life, I doubt eating too much McDonald's is a sin.

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