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Who Posts There: Even stupider kids than those of GameFAQs post at the IGN boards. They must be getting distracted by the hundreds of pop ups, flash ads, and shameless articles that suck the cock of every game publisher imaginable. You may think the rating at the end of every review is a score of some sort. No sir. They're an indication of how well of a relationship they have with the game's publisher.

What is Posted There: Whatever it is, it sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with video games.

Nobody should ever upload a picture of their cock anywhere.

I have a question for you "2-7-79", why did you put your birth date in the user name field?

I can hear the police sirens already.

"offspring311" is my kind of guy.

18,874 posts. How in the hell?

Interestingly enough we found this one on the Pokemon boards.

That's deep man.

It sounds like one hell of a deal "bumblebeegirl". Accept Jesus into your life today and get half off on all communion wafers for a whole year! Just think of the savings!

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