BBW Northwest Party Pics, submitted by Abraham. Our resident World of Warcraft nerk (nerd + jerk) Abraham is so good at sending me ALODs involving giant huge people that I’m starting to have my doubts about his lack of a “big lady” fetish. This charming site features floor-shattering party photos from BBW Northwest’s tremendous (in the most literal sense) get-togethers.

These parties warm my heart, because they serve a triple purpose:

A) Big women get to have fun and be themselves without anybody busting on them for their size.
B) Dudes who like big women get to go there and dance with big women.
C) We get to laugh at the women and the dudes.

Let’s look at some photos, shall we? I have substituted the photos for illustrations, because the owner of the site is too humble to allow us to show the glory of his parties directly. Links to the real photos are included below.

Here we have a big beautiful dude grinning his head off about the hot mama to his right.
Click here for the photo!

An obese leopard-whale pleads for its life as a big-big-big-game hunter approaches.
Click here for the photo!

A genie jiggles with rage after she realizes she misread “BBW” as “BBQ.”
Click here for the photo!

God, someone give this skeletor-lookin’ broad a sandwich.
Click here for the photo!

Plenty more wonderful photos on the site. Enjoy!

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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