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"Heh. The little Saiyan wants to test his mettle? Come then, Cakarot... to your doom! Ha ha ha..."

-Prince Vegeta

If one of my 15 Biblically-named sons or daughters came to me and told me they were a homo-sexual,and lusted after other homo-sexuals, the only struggle would be their death throes after being stoned to death. Glory to Jesus!

Hell-bound Blasphemers

"I just want to encourage you and express my point of view, I know that it differs a little from yours. First of all, I do not believe it is your fault your son is gay. I also, don't believe it is a spirit, we throw the word spirit around too much and get into mystic thinking when we do that. I so agree that around the age of 9 (for most people) we begin to understand ourselves and our attractions. The duality is a process we are taught to embrace by both the world and church, if I was a parent of a gay son and someone at my church spoke about my son in even a small negative light, I would immediately stand up for him, and it would stop. I know people believe (only some) that it is a sin to be attracted to men, I'd say it is a sin when someone violates you son with words. I believe your son is a gift from God, especially in these times, he will find clarity in his faith. The reason your son does not go to church is not because he is gay, it is because he has learned from an early age to not accept himself."


"Very heart felt video. However, I hope you can accept your son as gay, and not try to change him. Nevertheless, acceptance if very good. You are more open-minded than most."


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