Obligatory Juggalo Video

Submitted by Shadowtheweak

While I can appreciate these dudes pretending to be Juggalos to fuck with a real Juggalo, this video still depresses me because this is how Juggalos actually interact with normal society and the more I see videos of Juggalos interacting with normal society, the more I'm convinced that this was the sort of shit that went on right before the fall of Rome. *slaps a wikkid-azz hatchet man decal on his chariot, sprays Germanic barbarian with Faygo*

Wikkit Muthafakkin Clown Commentzzz

"ima juggalo...and im not too offended..but...obviously this guy isnt much of a juggalo yet...any other juggalo would get pissed by the time they put the make up on and he started to make fun of em...
the wheres the faygo thing was mad funny..
and when he said idk where my mom gets it"


"I would say that you are all posers, but you lived the Juggalo life. I just pray that you don't take it for granted. "


"Yo man juggalo this and welfare that, blah blah, huffin' Thompsons water sealer and Michigan soda, gathering, Government cheese, blah, blah MMFWCLMMCFLWMMCLWMCLWMCLWMCLWM CMWLCMWCLWMCLLCMWCLWMCLWMCLWMC LLWMCLWCMWLCMW1231214123422MCW CCWLCLWCLWCLWLCLWLCLWLCLWLCLWL CLWLCWLCLLWLCLWCLWLCLWLCLWLCLW CWLCLWC!!!!!!11!!!!!!!1!!!!"


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