In these tough economic times, people need somewhere to turn, not only for financial answers but also for emotional support. Modern problems call for modern solutions, which is why instead of consulting friends, families or deities, the SA Forum Goons asked an entity guaranteed to deliver cold, impartial futuristic advice, Google Image Search! I was initially skeptical about the concept, but when I queried "will anybody read this Ask Google Image Search article," Google Image Search assured me I was on the right track in its own special way!

Local Group Bus

Q: I am concerned about a friend's mental health. Should I mention it?



Q: Where does the Internet end?



Q: My social anxiety and misanthropic nature are fucking my life over. How do I get out of this rut?


Q: So I .... have to make friends with a magical space plus? I must become a magical space plus? I'm not really sure what you're getting at, and either way I don't think that's really going to he-


Q: Kurt Cobain? Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

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