frumpus posted:

You: hello

You: i am looking for ways to get cancer

You: like causes

KareemaF: Good day. Let me see what I can locate for you/ One moment please

You: i know there is smoking and stuff

You: but i have been smoking for many years and still do not have it

You: i need something faster

You: like, would i get cancer right away if i ate a tumor from someone else?

You: also, if you could tell me where i might acquire a tumor that might be helpful

You: hello?

KareemaF: Thanks for coming to ChaCha! Give me a moment while I do all your searching for you!

You: hmm, that site seems to be focused on prevention

You: i need to get cancer right away

You: it is the only way my doctor will provide the sweet sweet morphine that i crave

KareemaF: Can I find anything else for you?

You: yes please

You: where can i acquire a cancerous tumor? i still want to try my idea

KareemaF: Thanks for searching ChaCha!

KareemaF: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended.


Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: CrystinaL

CrystinaL: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

You: hI.

CrystinaL: How are you?

You: I am trying to rap.

You: Otherwise, good.

You: Yourself?

CrystinaL: lol- hows it going?

CrystinaL: fabulous thank you!

You: Word!

CrystinaL: word

You: Anyways, on the bus, we have 'rap battles'

You: And I am trying to win.

You: But I need to bring some fresh rhymes, ya dig?

CrystinaL: i dig


You: Nobdy can rhyme off my name, Pandigga.

CrystinaL: k give me a word you want to ryme or do you want me to try your name?

You: Try and rhyme my name

You: It's pronounced pan-digga

CrystinaL: hey thats how I would have said it

CrystinaL: k, just sec

CrystinaL: try that site, let me know if it works, it wont let me ryhme

You: No it won't let me either

CrystinaL: k sorry bout that, try the next one, I will delet the first

CrystinaL: theres a third, let me know how those work out while I continue searching

You: number 2 is alright, but those are whack rhymes

You: I need something tight.

CrystinaL: oh I hate whack rhymes

CrystinaL: let me see if I can find you something tight

You: The third is pretty good, but I wanna know if I can get a longer list

CrystinaL: k

CrystinaL: still searching for you

You: Welp, my posse is here

You: So I have to head out thanks for the help

You: Keep it fresh

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