George Dorn posted:

Status: Looking for a guide ...

Status: Connected to guide: BryanT

BryanT: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.

You: Hello Bryan

You: I'm a normal child.

You: Do you believe me?


BryanT: no, and what do you need about pandas

You: I just want a picture of panda

You: but not one ripping off the head of a human being

You: because I'm normal and I don't like to see people dying just to wish they were me

You: wait did you say you didn't believe me?

BryanT: of course not

BryanT: a normal child....

You: oh

BryanT: would be in bed

You: I am in bed

You: on a computer

You: talking to you, Bryan

BryanT: lol

You: I am clothed, so don't you worry

You: also ignore that stuff I said about dying

You: I'm normal

BryanT: I don't think that the bed cares

You: well that's a good point Bryan

You: I just want you to feel comfortable

BryanT: I am at home as comfortable as can be

You: That's good

You: You can cry afterwards

You: I don't mind

BryanT: I think I will

You: they always cry...

BryanT: .........................................................................................................................

BryanT: NOT

You: you made my window really big

You: you are a wizard

BryanT: With a pointy hat and everything

You: Bryan are you judging me because of the way I look?

BryanT: of course


BryanT: I am vain like that

BryanT: well you asked the silly question

You: Did you judge me goodly or badly

BryanT: neutrally

You: that's sweet of you

You: do I look like a panda to you?

BryanT: awwww

BryanT: I plea the fifth

You: that's a clever reference to the constitution of these United States of America, Bryan

BryanT: and a timely one too

BryanT: Can I find anything else for you?

You: you are a gentleman and a scholar

BryanT: nah...

You: No, but I appreciate the cheering you have given me

You: I hope your continues to comfort you

BryanT: but I stayed at a Holiday inn last night

You: A television pop culture reference!

You: Good show!

You: Bryan I think you are the best internet friend I have

BryanT: and a timely one too

BryanT: maybe the only

You: yes, timely

You: maybe...

You: people don't talk to me because I have ADD

BryanT: but I am here for ya man

You: and Asperger's

You: And one time I bit a girl

You: she was asking me to, though

You: with her mind

BryanT: and you have aspergers

You: Yes

BryanT: touchy touchy

You: who's touching me?

You: is it spiders?

You: I hate spiders

BryanT: me too

You: I want all the pandas in the world to fight all the spiders in the world

You: and hopefully destroy each other

BryanT: pandas eat spiders

You: but with human weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers

You: they do??

You: this is news to me

BryanT: me too

BryanT: lol

You: but you knew it!

You: Bryan, you are a crafty fox

BryanT: that doesn't make it any truer

BryanT: I know a lot of stuff

BryanT: but that doesn't make any of it any truer

You: I think you are truer than the encyclopaediaeaia Britannnica

You: if it's any consolation

BryanT: it is

You: that's good Bryan

BryanT: oh well

You: Bryan if I wrote a movie about spiders and pandas

You: would you Green Light it?

BryanT: as in the HBO series

You: maybe a suburban panda selling spiders?

You: maybe a suburban panda selling weapons TO spiders

You: but then they turn on each other

BryanT: project green light for up-and-coming movie directors

You: and war ensues

You: oh I don't get HBO

BryanT: why not

You: because of the economy

You: and President Bush

You: and Arak

BryanT: your own personal economy

You: Bryan I think you are twisting my words

BryanT: no I'm not

You: oh that's a relief

You: I was really worried

You: I was starting to shake a little bit, like the funny short man

BryanT: never worry

BryanT: doesn't help

You: That's sage of you Bryan

BryanT: who

You: the one on ""

BryanT: oh

You: who was in back to the future

You: and then started shaking

You: and now yells for a living

BryanT: I don't know who you are talking about

BryanT: but does he like pandas too?

You: according to

You: he is a fox

BryanT: everyone is entitled to thier opinion

You: Michael J. Fox

You: is his name

You: do you know that man, Bryan?

You: would you touch that man for 20 human dollars, Bryan?

BryanT: of course from that eighties sitcom

You: of course

You: you are a brilliant and insightful human being Bryan

BryanT: no, but for tweny venusian, we could work something out

BryanT: Can I find anything else for you?

You: Haha we all well know that the lifeforms on venus use the aftereffects of their asexual reproduction for currency

You: if you must leave, Bryan, I would understand

BryanT: and thus the reason for thier downfall

BryanT: not must but getting sleepy

You: you've been a bright ray of sunshine in my otherwise meaningless (but completely normal) existence

BryanT: darn hypnotists

You: you're a hypnotist?

BryanT: not but one must be here somewhere...

You: you should hypnotize a snake into getting onto a plane

BryanT: because I am getting sleepy

You: and then another

You: and another

You: and another

BryanT: zzzzzzz

You: and eventually the world would be yours!

BryanT: zzzzzzzzz

You: I can leave if I am boring you

You: my time is not valuable

BryanT: not anymore

BryanT: I only get paid for the first ten minutes

BryanT: lol

You: I'm glad I could help you with your money, Bryan

You: You are a good person

BryanT: but it was fun chatting with you

You: I think I love you

BryanT: u2

BryanT: awwww

BryanT: kumbayah

You: I look forward to groping you in a public place

BryanT: me too

You: bye!

BryanT: sounds like fun

BryanT: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.

Status: Session ended.

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