Alright. The fear is over. This is the last page. The silly nerds are done making silly movie posters and all is well agai-- HEY!! WAIT! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WE ARE THE SILLY NERDS. WE AND OUR SILLY MOVIE POSTERS ARE VICTORIOUS! JOIN US OR DIE TRYING!

"skrath" thinks he's a smartypants but his pants are made of cotton and everyone knows that cotton shrinks! TAKE THAT!!

"state" is FED UP with the state of online gaming these days and aside from making this movie poster he is in the process of writing some very angry letters to a lot of people!

"translator" made a funny joke.

"waesa" is hot on the trail... OF HILARITY!!

"whoredog" has finally figured out what's going on with those crazy email viruses, and dammit, it is all Disney's fault after all! Just as we'd all suspected.

– Emily "Integral" Reigel

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