THE NERDS AND THEIR SILLY MOVIES HAVE TAKEN OVER!! I REPEAT: THEY HAVE TA--"We are the silly nerds. We have taken over the place. Look at our posters."

"Huge_Midget" creates this work of art in which he expresses the shared wish of all mankind that the movie "Space Cowboys" had never been made. Although it is good that Tommy Lee Jones was shot off to the moon to die. That was an unexpected bonus.

"Jamesface" remembers the good old days of the Amiga. Where oh where is my damn kickstart disk? Mottherfucker is just sitting there and I want to play games on it, dammit.

"Jamesface" also seems to have a slight problem with his scanner:

"Knifey_Smurf" is sending you a message from the hive mind: JOIN US. JOIN US OR DIE. JOIN US OR DIE TRYING.

"Kyre" also invites you to hop aboard the forum wagon and see what you may be missing. There will be anuses, I can tell you that much.

"LordSkeletor" made a movie poster about some very unfortunate people with very unfortunate lives:

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