Steve: Alright, what's happening with this one?

Steve: Every time I think I've got it figured out I get distracted by the pants.

Zack: There are several optical illusions going on here. I think that guy's fingers will follow me wherever I go in the room.

Steve: Does the guy in the back even have feet?

Zack: It depends on which guy in the back you mean.

Steve: Okay, so explain this one then, hotshot.

Zack: Trust-building exercise goes wrong.

Zack: Erotically.

Steve: I think the guy with his chin wedged into his boobs was hanging out and then these two guys tried to sneak up on him and so he backwards flipped at them and kicked their chests.

Zack: Another possibility is that he is leaping away from their giant zippers and sexless lower bodies.

Steve: That's not a fair criticism. Would you prefer they have huge crotch bulges?

Zack: Uh, yeah, always.
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