Steve: Never bring a saw-toothed gladius to a fingernail punch fight.

Zack: Somebody email io9, we have a distaff Frankenstein for them to decide is our "New Sci-Fi Addiction!"

Steve: Isn't the babe version of Frankenstein already bride of Frankenstein?

Zack: Uh, no. Bride of Frankenstein is disgusting. Would you call the original film "Husband of Frankenstein?"

Steve: But Dr. Frankenstein was trying to make a wife for himself.

Zack: Because he's closed-minded. He should assemble xer from body parts of both sexes and let his creation decided xer own gender.

Steve: When does she karate fight?

Zack: Xe is fighting the kyriarchy from the moment of xer creation.

Steve: Is that like M. Bison and Shadaloo?

Zack: Yes, exactly.

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