Zack: 40d10 appearing? Jesus Christ, just rolling the number of these things in an encounter is going to be a nightmare.

Steve: You don't need 40 dice, you can just roll the same die 40 times.

Zack: Sounds like the start of a magical Saturday afternoon.

Steve: I don't mind the big encounters. They can be fun if you play it loose. It's the look of this thing that bothers me. That is the nastiest looking hair I have ever seen.

Zack: Yeah, I agree. If 185 of those things charge me I'm going to be more worried about their creepy little cock button hats and tufts of back hair sprouting from their ears.

Steve: I think I saw a comic from the New York Times of 1840 and this was how they drew Italians back then.

Zack: A steamer approaches Ellis Island. The gangway is lowered to that hallowed ground. *Rolls 40d10* 214 Italians attack the customs official.

Steve: Xvart #1 changes his name to Zobart. Xvart #2 changes his name to Bart. Xvart #3 changes his name to Zooart.

Zack: I always wondered when immigrants and freed slaves named their kids things like George Washington, what if that kid became famous? Then their name would be a disservice to the person they were named after.

Steve: That's why I plan to name my kids after medieval weaponry. Greatsword if it's a boy, Glaive if it's a girl, and Num and Chuck if it's twins.

Zack: I hope you were rendered sterile by dental X-rays, Steve.

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