Steve: Has anybody seen my goblin? I know I left him around here somewhere.

Zack: Him name is Hopkin invisible goblin.

Steve: Whoa did you find that meme buried next to some trilobites there old man?

Zack: Yeah, the "where is my goblin?" joke was really killing them.

Steve: Because he's invisible, so they would put him down and then forget where they put him.

Zack: Maybe you could diagram it so I know for sure what you mean.

Steve: Whenever you hear that question what super power would you want I always think invisibility for like a second, but then I realize that I like seeing my hands and it would be pretty hard to do stuff like my a picture frame with my hands or make a cat's cradle with some string if my hands are invisible.

Zack: I would like to have the power to fly so that I can fly to a cliff and then jump off the cliff and die.

Steve: You're a very dark person.

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