Zack: Donning a skull necklace and a warlock's collar and then failing to cast a spell is like wearing one of those high-tech swimsuits all the Americans had at the 2010 Olympics and then you jump in the pool and start thrashing around and yelling for the lifeguard.

Steve: I miss the warlock's collar.

Zack: Yes, I also miss three weeks in 1922 when Aleister Crowley convinced several minor lords attending a buggery fest in an abandoned nunnery that capes with collars were sure indications of virility.

Steve: Yeah, sure, you scoff now, but all it takes is the right person in Japan playing scream-rockabilly and wearing a warlock collar and before you know it everyone on TV is wearing one.

Zack: Reality TV could use a dose of gothic melodrama.

Steve: And discussions about potions.

Zack: Ron Ron Juice qualifies as a potion.

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