Zack: Final episode. Picard is raking grapes in France. He's really let himself go with the forked goatee and bee suit. Riker hardly recognizes him, but then again Riker has put away a ladder of Bajoran blow and he's sea level in his F-18 shooting lightning from his fingertips.

Steve: I prefer the final episode of Enterprise where the whole episode takes place within a Next Generation episode where Riker is replaying everything on the holodeck to learn about himself.

Zack: Sadly, I saw that. Everyone hated it but it was the only Enterprise episode with Riker so that means it's easily the best. The man has Adonis DNA.

Steve: Can I be honest?

Zack: This is a non-judgmental environment.

Steve: I never actually liked Star Trek the Next Generation.

Zack: You horrid little turd I hope you die.

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