Zack: "Champion of what, you dare ask!? Getting dressed!"

Steve: Maybe the greatest belt not won at a Wrestlemania.

Zack: His costume combined with his powers like "master of all forms of Martial Arts" and "Champion can never die" lead me to believe he was designed by a child.

Steve: Oh, yeah, I can totally see that. Artist having a bad bring your kid to work day and he's like, "Dylan, if you could read a comic about any hero you wanted what would it be?"

Zack: "Well he'd be the ultimate champion of all time and he'd know every martial art and he couldn't die."

Steve: "And he'd have like triple the normal muscles of everybody and he'd be bald but also have big pink hair and he'd wear orange pants and no wiener and a giant belt and he'd be able to read minds and teleport."

Zack: We'll need to investigate whether Champion has a car that can turn into a submarine and a jet.

Steve: I wish my occupation was "warrior." This guy totally rules.

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