Steve: Oh, just a dude living in a giant shell on a beach. No big deal at all.

Zack: Just to explain this full thing, the Sea Hermit is a giant, super-intelligent hermit crab creature that can turn himself into a human. His giant shell is actually a literal house and his goal is to trick people into going inside so he can imprison them and study them.

Steve: Considering how everything in D&D turns out to be some monster, even floors, ceilings, and doors, you would think a giant creepy shell would be a bad way to trick people.

Zack: Maybe D&D people are just conditioned to expect the reverse. Chests are monsters, floors are monsters, so therefore some weird guy by himself on a beach living in a monster sea shell must been an okay guy.

Steve: It does look like a pretty nice house.

Zack: No windows.

Steve: Counterpoint: giant hermit crab.

Zack: Counter-counterpoint: giant hermit crab imprisoned you and will probably kill you.

Steve: We all die eventually unless we achieve immortality through magic or dark pacts, killed by a giant hermit crab seems like a pretty cool way to go.

Zack: Says the bourgeois westerner who hasn't seen his family members brutally slain by giant hermit crabs.

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