Selling products isn't always about appealing to needs and wants. Sometimes it's all-out war: mean, bloody, and visceral. With markets as crowded as a Turkish prison, the products and services we all depend on have to duke it out for our favor like common women. The sad part about this whole violent war is that it's not a literal war. We can't really see a Pepsi can jamming a bayonet into the midsection of a can of Coke anymore more than we can see an angry slice of bread smearing mayo war paint on and looking dangerous as all hell. Well, this week that changes. As usual, we outsourced to the SA Forums, and they made us a nice bundle of images for you swell folks to look at.

"SirRobin" is a saucy tart with this take on Captain Miller from "Saving Private Ryan."

Those horses are "beering" a heavy loud! Am I right or am I right! Thanks "mortalenema".

"RainWind" supplies us with some drunken violence.

"LongSack" fires one off for you.

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