ILL GET A NEW CAMARA WHEN I CAN AFFORD ITWELL WELL WELL looks whos back in the old INTERNET SADDLE ITS ME JEFF K> AND I"VE GOT A BED BUG FOR CONSUMAR ELECTRONICS!!! hahahahaha just kidding but no seriousely oky heres the deal Mel; i have savved up enugh moneys to buy a PALASMA TELEVSIAN!!!!!! BUT I DO NOT KNOW WITCH KIND TOO BUY becuase I ahaev bettar things too do than read about fat nerds writeing about TV SETS.


I CANNOT FIND INFORMATIANS on waht si a good TV set too buy I just wanna buy a TV set taht si a palasma and I want too connect my xboxe's 360 to it and FRAG SOME RASCALS but nooooo nothing si easy these days with cabals and wireless radio and whatnot. SO whiel I did not locate any fractual infromatian, I did stumbal into teh luck of the irish and disdcovar about SEVARAL MILLION PHOTOSGRAPHS OF PEOPAL"S STUPID TV SETS! WOW what an incrediable find~! I am sure glaad peopal use teh intarnet to poop photoes of there dumb TV sets evarywhere becuase I was just wondaring "gee JefF K. where could I possably evar go to see what a TV set in some fagots liveing room looks like withot evar going too there living room" and now the intarnet makes it all possable in a high tech lifestyle so thanks intarnet for showeing me what a TV set looks liek in a manfag's batman Star Track apartment!

SO I stoel a bunch of pitcaters of peoples TV sets and uploaded them to a webspace attic zone so evarybody can enjoy these wroks of art in gloarious high definitian (that means Christians can read them). I know this becuase Jerrys mom si a devout Christian menace and she says "JERRY GET OFF THE TOILET OR ELSE NO GLORIOS HIGH DEFINITION CABLE CONTENT FOR YUP TONIGHT" and taht means Jerry has too get off the toilet POST HASTE or else he cant watch his favoraite realitey TV show about an upset chef in a poor man's prison!!! JERRYS GOING THROUGH A PHASE WHERE HE USES THE TOILET ALLOT, I THINK ITS PUBERTY HAHAHAHAHAHA SEE YUO IN HELL JERRY

~and now for teh photoes I stole

HELLO WELCOME TO MY DISTGUSTING HOVEL!!! WHY YES I DO HAEV LOTS OF TV MOVIES, YUO MIGHT SAY I AM A COLLECTOR! NOW PLEAS LET ME HOLD YUOR HAND AND WHISK YUO AWAY TO TEH ANIME SECTION!!! hahaha it was a ruse I am not a collectar of movies I am a collector of the flesh and I will be adding yuor prize to my secrat enatartinemtn room in my vault where innuendos cant touch this crude dued

yes I have allot of moveys but also i baught grandmas rug and positioned a beautifull plant undar my TV set which the wifey and I use too watch movies about warehouses on. I CALL MY WIFE "THE WIFFEY" BECUASE OUR MARRAIGE IS BUILT ON GARBAGE! Here is teh best movie about a warehouse it si called "BARRY'S WAREHOUSE TOUR" and we enjoy it in cenematic BLUE-RAY SONY FORMAT WHO IS RAY ANYWAY HAHAHAHA??? hD_DVD also may I pleas direct yuor attentian to teh wifey's incredibal shelf she built above our TV set, finnally our knick knacks off porcelan snowman will get all thje attentian he so rightly deserves! strong engugh for a man sensitive enugh for a woman, tahts what I always say

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