Midwinter II: Flames of Freedom (1991)

Zack: I don't even think this is a game cover. I think it's a travel brochure featuring every awesome leisure activity known to man. Jet skiing, boating, helicoptering, Jeeping, and Vitruvianing.

Steve: I don't see anybody doing any hot babes or getting in any karate fights there on the cover.

Zack: I'll give you the hot babes, but I don't think karate fights qualify as a leisure activity.

Steve: Trust me, nothing feels quite as sweet as delivering a side kick to some dude's face. Except maybe doing a babe with really big boobs.

Zack: What about kicking a woman with really big boobs in the boobs?

Steve: My friend, your question disgusts me. Boobs are not meant to be kicked.

Zack: Not even evil boobs?

Steve: There is no such thing.

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