Homey D. Clown: The Computer Game (1993)

Zack: I'm surprised this game didn't come with a bargain bin sticker printed directly onto the cover.

Steve: I think the "attitude" of this game is maybe, "We don't like you or care about you, person buying this game."

Zack: It would be really depressing to get hired as a programmer and then get assigned to the Homey D. Clown game. You'd come home from work every day hating yourself for contributing to evil in the world. Like some guy who manufactures land mines or cluster bombs.

Steve: The guy who put the demolition charges in the world Trade Center.

Zack: Oh, no, Steve! You're not a Truther, are you?

Steve: Look, I am a skeptical and rational guy, but there are just a lot of questions that need to be answered and a lot of evidence out there. I can't think of any of it right now but there are some really interesting Youtube videos about it and also about there being a bunch of AA batteries in a lantern battery.

Zack: George W. Bush cooks eggs with cell phones.

Steve: Does that work? I know you pop popcorn that way. It makes sense the President would figure that out.

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