When I was a kid I thought I was psychic and would always stop people from doing things because I could "foresee" their death. My parents put a stop to that shit real quick. I was ten when I went through that phase. What's XtremeMind's excuse? Want to know how to talk to girls using your mind? Well, read on chum(p).

They don't gather at this forum magnetically, they gather here pathetically.

Step 1: Get the hell off the Internet.

Web sites have powers. I feel very powerful chi energy coming from Google...

I would wager quite a lot that these people are all hardcore Harry Potter fans.

Don't worry, guys. This should be more than enough for her to file a restraining order I hope.

Yeah, it's definitely the real deal. That's why it's on home.xtra.co.nz and not CNN.

Heh, typical psychic newbie mistake. Or maybe two people can just notice the same thing about a parked car.

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