Aliens and conspiracy theories have always been a fun topic here at Something Awful and based on our policy of beating dead horses here is a forum about aliens!

Call Art Bell. Quickly, you've got no time to lose!

The truth is out there... or in your flabby arm.

Call Fox Mulder! Quickly!

I had a chupacabra when I was a kid.

I am a Slider.

Yes. No. Maybe so.

Why would you post this on a public message board? You don't think the aliens have Internet access? Now they know you have a shotgun under your bed and will use it against you!

If you used any of your brain.

I will tell you in spectre form. Is that an acceptable compromise?

Someone read this and email me a synopsis of it.

Special thanks to my FYAD friends jackelope, Loutre, state, oce, Judiciary Pag, Kirb, Depressing Drawers, no face, exit english, triple clutcher, name, Shmorky, puffery, Riotgrrill, violentjim, Puma Man, Setzer Gabbiani, tastysoup, clamydia, Hemogoblin!, Brewkake, DucktorWTF, Que, and theflosquito for contributing to this report.

Do you know of an awful forum that should be included in a future update? Send in a link!

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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