"Did you just call me Ass Fairy?" "Uh, no man, I said, uh, Grass Fairy!" "Oh cool."

Instead of video games, why doesn't someone just sell a big bucket full of little magnets? That would be way more fun anyway.

This is exactly why I never renewed my Xbox Live subscription.

I think we should be able to take even more fun out of the next sequel.

Better hurry, I think the trolley is leaving for the Land of Make Believe.

And the conversation grinds to a halt.

That's all for this week. Thanks to my forum friends Marxux, ViralContagen, Ripoff, zVxTeflon, sleezesteve, Judiciary Pag, Sheep stay for free, Eladore, Capt_Jim, TheKingPuuChuu, Sireg, JaredS, dangly_poo, LoveSauce, PerryMason, Zinco, ultimatefat, Hot Dog Day #32, TheGoblin, Princess Lollipop, Dusseldorf, wheat squid, Zorak, kingcobweb, Grahf, SplishSplash, Backstage Larry, decoy octopus, and a very special thanks to Chi Chi Rodriguez. I will never forget you.

If you know of a terrible forum that should be featured here, please send me a link!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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