AngCobra's Main Page, submitted by Dan. Lumpy grown man fawns over Anime characters and assault rifles while trying to find lumpy love over the Internet and his Tripod site. Will he ever find the woman of his dreams? Why don't you ladies take a look at some of his photos and writings on his page so you may decide for yourself!

Hello, This page is to introduce myself to you. I am seeking a woman to be a friend, companion and if things work out, a partner. My name is Lawrence and I am a 37 year old Asian Male.

Lum Sum Shampoo - Inspired by a Hentai pic that I found amusing, a series that explores a really odd concept...what if Lum and Shampoo were somehow to become an item? Two of Takahashi's finest have it out in a game of Tag, and suddenly the fate of the Earth rests on an Amazon champion and a lovely Tigerstriped Bikini-clad Alien princess...

When hope seems lost and the future looks grim, where else to turn but to the past to seek redress for mistakes long past? That is the decision Ukyo and Shampoo must face when opting to use the repaired Nanban mirror in order to go back and create alternate timelines where each of them has a shot at happiness with their beloved Ranma... Their plan has proven effective, and Shampoo seems fated to know happiness alongside her Ranma, but can Ukyo and the future Shampoo secure this timeline against the opposition of Soun and Genma? And who will Ukyo call upon as her unexpected ally in order to give Shampoo the destiny she has promised? we will see what plans the two Kuonji's hatch together, while Ukyo and Shampoo continue to observe the timeline that they have made unfold, but will it spell ultimate happiness for Shampoo and Ranma? That's for the future to please kindly be there for the resolution of this half of the saga!

Wow... all I can say is, "ladies... GET IN LINE!!!" Well technically I guess I could say more, but that would keep this site from being a family-friendly interweb page. Cuntshitter.

PS: I guess you can sign his guestbook here, but I assume only you single ladies are welcome. And no, The Ex-Man is NOT included.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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