Bee, Giant

Zack: This is what you open up with?

Steve: Are you telling me a giant bee isn't scary? Look at that dude. He knows that shield is going to be useless.

Zack: A giant bee is scary in the sense a giant anything that is trying to murder you is scary.

Steve: Have you ever been stuck in the car with a bee? Not a giant bee, just a normal-sized bee. How terrifying was that?

Zack: I think I rolled the window down and shooed it outside.

Steve: I bet you didn't know if you were going to live or die. If you have a bee allergy, man, forget about it. This thing just waves a sword-sized stinger at you and your neck holes are going to swell shut.

Steve: They even have their own intense theme music.

Zack: The giant bees are what comes after the killer bees have run all the honey bees off. These guys run the killer bees off.

Steve: Yeah and you know how honey bees make honey well giant bees make something too... skeletons.

Steve: Of dead people.

Steve: Who died from the giant bees attacking them.

Zack: Whew thanks for helping me navigate that one.

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