Toad, Giant

Steve: Before you say anything I really hate toads. They're the messed up frogs.

Zack: Toads are the Clint Howard of the pond.

Steve: It's not just the pond, man. You can avoid frogs. There's no avoiding toads. They get around. There are even desert toads.

Zack: I'm sorry, I think it's a lame choice. So far you have picked two giant versions of actual animals.

Steve: The horror is all around us dude. The animal world is an unending nightmare of freaky little things eating each other. I bet right now there's some messed up devil-looking amoeba eating some bacterias on top of your eyeball and you can't even see it.

Zack: I guess I have seen one of those videos of a Pac Man frog swallowing a mouse whole.

Steve: Yeah see that's the way the animal kingdom works. Animals are crazy. They'll eat their own babies and stuff like that. You've got to watch it around animals.

Zack: But Steve, we're animals.

Steve: And you get to the last page of the article and the monster is a mirror!!

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