Zack: Do you think he likes bats?

Steve: Now this dude I am down with. Giant swords and wicked bone dudes are a hallmark of great fantasy artwork.

Zack: They had you at glowing-eyed skeletons.

Steve: Skeleton armies commanded by wicked wizard skeletons are a powerful image that connect with our primordial fears of our skeletons being evil. They're just waiting for us to die to start forming their army.

Zack: Clever, waiting until we least expect it.

Steve: And of course bats are also evil, because you can't trust a bird that only comes out at night.

Zack: Couple things there: a bat is not a bird, it's a mammal, and lots of birds come out at night. Like all owls.

Steve: Never trust an owl.

Zack: What about with Tootsie Pop related inquiries?

Steve: That's nasty you want an owl licking your Tootsie Pop? Getting his owl tongue all over it and then beak-biting that thing? Gross.

Zack: When you put it like that, it does sound evil.

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