Zack: Things totally worth your time: printing this image out, cutting out heads, hats, and accessories, and coloring them in.

Steve: These are great for character portraits.

Steve: The guy in the middle there can pass for your ethnic minority of choice with the right colored crayon.

Zack: Unfortunately all female characters must be models appearing in 1950s kitchen flooring catalogs.

Zack: Joanna loves the new rubber-fleck Trunoleum in her kitchen of tomorrow.

Steve: And she's also wearing a penis helmet.

Zack: And three pairs of glasses, what a saucy lady!

Steve: I feel sort of sad that this one is ending.

Zack: We had a lot of fun, but people don't like to read anymore and they get mad when these go for more than ten pages.

Steve: Most of them do.

Zack: Which is why everyone is always mad all the time on the Internet.

Steve: We did it?

Zack: No, Steve. You did it.

Steve: Nooooooooooooo!

Zack: See you next time, folks!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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