Jim Jacobson and Brent Noll's
"Blast from the Past"
IS Steve's Next Top Module!

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Zack: While everyone else was going retro, Jim and Brent took a chance with 4th Edition and it has paid off.

Steve: To be fair to Jim and Brent they sort of won because they kicked butt on every level. Not some gimmick about which rules they used.

Zack: It looks like a professional D&D product, is what you're saying.

Click for the large version

Steve: Congratulations dudes! It features a dragon, a ridiculous trap that is almost impossible to escape, instadeath and a roller coaster.

Zack: For going above and beyond the call of contest, these two gentlemen will be splitting the grand prize of a $100 gift card.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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