~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
Reppin': snackmar

Kick Ass and his Metal Head - Discuss Mark Millar's made-for-comics movie about a fearless boy superhero and the many beatings he receives. (Oh, and a little girl kills a bunch of people too.)

In 2008, you are clicking this link: Watchmen discussion. - In seven short months the answer will be exposed: Will Dr. Manhattan's flaccid blue penis upstage the complex, meaningful story???

Rocketed to earth from the dying far future, it's Superman! - This is actually kind of interesting. The Siegel family found documents showing an earlier version of Superman's origin where he comes from the future instead of Vulcan.

Funny Panel of the Week - Thanks, Starshark!

~*~ Creative Convention ~*~
Reppin': change my name

Beyond Snapshots- My first dSLR, learn from our mistakes! - Gay camera chat about cameras that aren't gay, inanimate objects can't be homosexual, stupid

Graffiti Flicks and Pics - Graffiti is cool, even if you're whiter than snow

The 29th Biweekly CC Photo Contest - For the 29th week in a row cool pictures gather for a battle to the death

Drabbles-100 Word Short Stories - I was gonna enter but I can't keep my love of your mother under a 100 words

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