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Selling My ENTIRE DVD Collection - Pretzel Jockey shoves a major list of DVDs at us and tells us to "buy buy buy". Get your ass over there and "buy buy buy" so he can make these DVDs go bye bye bye.

iPhones - Broken, Working, Bricked, Shattered, Covered & Smothered - Upgraded to the iPhone 3G? Drop your iPhone in a pile of Cheeto dust and now it won't turn on? Zakiu is buyinh all sorts of them for some reason, so if you need some quick cash, go ahead and check him out.

Free 12 pack of Maxpro condoms w/ paid shipping - Not that the stereotypical goon will need these, but if you're not an anti-socialite and get laid on a regular basis, this is a hell of a deal.

Inbox Dollars - Get paid to pretend to read emails - Looking to make some more easy money without parting with your precious goods? Inbox Dollars is an awesome service that pays you to read emails.

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Tommyfilth it's that time again.- Tommyfilth enjoys various puddings and being obnoxiously wrong about everything he opens his fat, poorly-mustached mouth about.

GE Cafe is still a morbidly obese nerd. - Without any trace of hyperbole I can safely say that GeCafe is the most disgusting person on the planet.

PoliteBirdandBee, stop posting about your sex life - Click her to read about a girl with low self esteem talk about her depressing sex life (it's better than it sounds).

Goth Nurse: War, hatred and racism. - Goth Nurse's only exercise is to give bad but energetic head to losers brave enough to try and put any kind of meat in her mouth without her clamping down instantly.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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