Hydrogen: If Kim J. Ok took any lesson away from his last animated disaster, it seems to have been that the only thing standing between him and success was a lack of rousing musical numbers.

Trillaphon: Is that what you call this?

Hydrogen: No, I think that's the Gathering of the Sharkalos.

Trillaphon: So, these guido sharks...they're all inmates.

Hydrogen: Yep. Inmates.

Hydrogen: In the ocean.

Trillaphon: That makes sense.

Hydrogen: You think that's bad, how about the worst yet most satanic Pokemon we've ever seen delivering the most viscerally disturbing song and dance party this side of Salo?

Trillaphon: Oh thank God, that noise at the end must have been the cyanide capsule in my brain exploding. Ahh, sweet release. So long, suckers!

Hydrogen: I have bad news for you.

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