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Names: Beef Singlet, Bacon Lettuce, Her Majesty Dire
Areas: Cleveland, Burningham, West Maw
Height: 71 inches
Weight: 864 ounces
Hair: Head, mostly
Face: British, mantid
Eyes: Brown, tilted
Bust: Some around the edges

  • BJ/HJ
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Beaking

User Comments

YESGreat smells! Touched my hand and breathed in a bag for hours. Like a rat rotting in an oak barrel. Came twice! Loves to talk about meth.
She's not the best looking girl, but she makes up for what she lacks in looks with a chittering blowjob that never snagged once despite all the hooked teeth. Puked into my glove compartment.
Look like someone tried to make a mask out of an egg. Toes up the back. "FROG IT IT!"
Great kisser. Shared her breakfast.
japan_travelsYESVery astute. Only high enough. Entry complete and fulfillment. Do not ever give up.
Brought her baby and he stared at me the whole time. No thanks!

Names: Charity Dotorg, America Dotus
Areas: Detroit, Slimer's Manse, The Pickle Barrel
Height: 5'14"8"'11""
Weight: Reasonable
Hair: Brown
Face: Red, pitted
Eyes: Closed
Bust: Small, pointy, slightly cold

  • Rustling
  • Wrestling
  • Butt

User Comments

NOCouldn't stop laughing the whole time she was rubbing her butt on me. Like a giant chocolate hamburger trying to eat me. "FROG IT IT!"
Very polite. Clean as can be expected. My wife really enjoyed looking at her butt through the one way mirror.
Tequila shooters with a tangy wiff of bile. Very generous with the wrestling and the butt.
Dave Matthew band lover. Share the sound and share the entry into cove. Explodes three time. Butt. Not so messy.
ChuckYESHey guys, what's going on. Would really like to meet this girl and hold her hand. I'm working on a poem to woo her. Any help appreciated.

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