Names: Brianna Bearclaw, Ron and Helen, Mitzy Honeyholes
Areas: The Mists of Ravenloft, Your Den, Assisted Living
Height: 8 bolts king's vermilion
Weight: Unknowable by science
Hair: White tufts, menopausal knit
Face: Elderminx
Eyes: Rheumy, clouded
Bust: Sullen

  • Self-diagnosis
  • Rambling anecdotes
  • Anal/oral creampies

User Comments

YESEverything I wanted to know and more about the '75 Packers, plus she swallows. I hear her story about the moon landing on TV goes great with a deep anal session.
She looks clean, but she's positively filthy. Notes of Zostrix and Vaseline, well-soiled gussets abound and you don't need Luminol to find the sac-like deposits of previous visitors fermenting like wine. An absolute delight
I tore that shit OUT. Don't tell me about no price of a house in 1950, I just want to pound that like Mike Tyson found a baby by the side of the road. No strings attached! Great session, bring earplugs.
Worked my unit till I was shooting cartilage. Told me about Manny Henderson who used to work for the mayor and owned a hardware store while I dropped megaloads up her filthy shitter. Already scheduled another visit.
japan_travelsYESFree ribbon candy soothes mind, voracious appetite soothes loin. Many explosions inside different entries. Maximum experience.

Names: Cumhanthotep, Shirley Shitpipe, Eschaton
Areas: The Valley of Kings, Fuxor, Newark
Height: 9 foots, 6 idges
Weight: 28 very heavy stones
Hair: Felt, stripy, jangling
Face: Frosted
Eyes: Fat
Bust: Moist, spongy

  • Tugging shirt constantly
  • Ass clapping
  • Yeast inFUNtion

User Comments

YESMagnificent! Unwashed delights! Sour milk and caked on feces mix with a fun house theme. Gooey where it counts.
Had my doubts, but she was eager to please. Be sure to put a plastic tarp down beforehand though. Lots of oozing and smearing.
Barely a recommend. Good under the sheets, despite the smell, but she bit my wife and me viciously just before she left.
This was the first girl I ever hired and I almost never hired another girl again. Yeah, I blew it up like Saddam's palace, Thrillho doesn't do anything halfway, but I felt awful the next day.
ChuckYESHey, did we go to school together or something? You look so familiar. Wanna meet up some time or something? I think it would be a lot of fun to reminiss.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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