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Disgraceful With World Leaders (A BOW? How about a POCKET!)

You thought the hands-in-pockets look was bad on that last picture? Here is Badcrap Obunghead with the President of Afghanistan and he has his hands in his pockets. In the Muslim world hands in your pockets is a sign of weakness on the same level as kissing your child on the lips or laughing at a bird too long. This is humiliating, emasculating, embarrassing to our country, and a disgrace to the SACRIFICE of our BRAVE and HEROIC troopers.

Sidewalk Sandals? Sure We're All Bohemian Rap Thugs (2009)

Casual Fridays President says "who needs shoes!?" and decides to slum it in some sandals. NO SOCKS. Sandals are of course allowed on lawns or gardens, gravel, mixed surfaces, but not walkways, roads, streets, or grated metal. This is an embarrassment. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan wearing sandals? Makes me want to vomit. Interesting to note, POTUS can wear sandals on sidewalk, but only with socks, otherwise this is feminizing akin to giving birth to a child in front of world leaders. Horrible.

Leave During a War? Of Course! (2009)

Looks good right (other than it's not Sarah Palin)? President is dignified, striding down steps of Air Force One, just like a POTUS should do. Right? WRONG. Because he is stepping down off Air Force One in Copenhagen during a war to talk about, of all things, GREEN ENERGY. As everyone knows presidents are only permitted to leave the country to go to the country who we just conquered to see their stuff or to go to one of our allies to talk about troops. The only GREEN we got is the GREEN that he TOOK from USA'S WALLET. Maybe put your hands BACK in your pockets Cummander n' THIEF. The next time he LEAVES you can KEEP HIM!

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