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The Writing is on the HAND (2010)

This is a good one. As you may know Sarah Palin (sweet hand pictured above) has been lifting the American Spirit (as noted on her hand) by talking to people and visiting people and behaving patriotically. Well the liberal BOGosmear got a hold of this picture of her during an interview with some notes on her hand. In case you can't read it the note says: Energy, Tax Cuts, Lift American Spirit. You will note BUDGET is crossed out because Sarah Palin has already cut budgets. No need. This is totally allowed as a governor and ex-governor.

You know what isn't allowed? The POTUS doing it during a speech. I guess he had it on there in case the teleprompter failed he would know exactly what to say. Heh.

That's right. Our rapper hoops player POTUS has HITLER DICK Illustrated on his hand. Maybe tattooed (DEVELOPING). Caught RED communist handed.

Wellllll okay I admit I might have had my nephew use a computer picture program for that little joke. But the point is it MIGHT AS WELL say that as long as he's threatening our lives with his HELLthcare.

I can't hardly even see straight right now I am so mad, but I've got just enough in me for one more picture. I want you to take a look at it and see if you can spot what's wrong:

I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either, but she really did that. And with her daughter. The whole family is basically communist animals. Impeach them all and throw away the key, I say.

"PEACE through superior firepower"

– Don Larry Patriot Report (USA PATRIOT TOUGH) (@sexyfacts4u)

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