Ravenglass Rook. The impenetrable stronghold of the pirate's greatest enemy: the dreaded privateer Prokofy.

Make that "formerly impenetrable."

Fire in the hole!

There's nothing quite like the scent of fire mixed with fear.

And when the wood was black and burnt, such that only stubborn stone remained...

...the pirates brought out the heavy artillery.

Nothing does a blaggard's heart good like a hearty jig around the remnants of a sacked city.

After a final salvo set the very air to smoke...

...the swashbuckling scallywags sailed off into the sunset, to live and raid another day.

Thanks to:

  • sawshuh for the video
  • Final Laval, Emtu Pfeffer, Bothersome Chaffe, Theory Graves, Hockey Allstar, Archduke Delacroix, Mal Burgess, Donald Kaiser, Deight Boccara, Decomposing Monstre, Kyro Kilian, Post Mohr, Geona Graves, Ken Glume, Sammy Grigges, Speedy Horner, Arsebringer Simon, King Frederick, Filthy Heinrichs, Scudmonkey, and the rest of the Second Life Safari crew for coming along and/or taking pictures

– Chris "Petey" Peterson

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