Day 2

My friend Megan comes over (it's a girl) and me and sherman decide we can take the day off and just boss the girl arround. but we didn't because we didnt want her to get to do all that sitting arround herself All that is done is the desk, and we decide that our new strategy should be to wrap stuff in foil faster. And also to make Megan do most of the work while we pretend to not look at her boobs.

14: Haha my mask is on crooked! SURPRISE! Bet you didn't expect that. girls like to take pictures with cameras because it's the closest they can come to stealing your soul without the full moon or whatever the shit.

15: he's not even mexican but he looks it

16: Megan did all this work, if that's what you call "wrapping crap in foil"... its pretty easy even a moron could do it i bet.

17: I did this whole dresser thing by myself in the time it took Megan to do that stupid bulletin board and Sherman to do.... uh, whatever he did.

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