Coffee shop story:

Lady: Could you make me that thing?
Me: I'm sorry?
Lady: That thing. I was in here about a month ago and you made me something, could you make it for me again? It was really good.
Me: (Pause- I dont remember this person ever existing before now) Um, do you remember if it was hot or cold? Sweet or bitter?
Lady: I can't remember, but it was really good. Could I just get one of those please?

Another time this old lady came back, loudly slurping on her coffee as I took care of two people. My manager was standing next to me when she said this:

Slurp. "This is the" slurp "worst coffee" slurp "that I have ever" slurp "tasted. It tastes like" slurp "shit"

I just stood there for a moment, thinking of how to respond when my manager stepped in.

"Then why the hell are you still drinking it?"

She turned and left in a huff.

I work at Best Buy in customer service, so I answer the phones. I usually every day get this

Me: "Best Buy customer service this is Frank how may I help you?"
CUST: "Can I have your electronics dept."
ME: "...well what are you looking for sir?"
CUST: "Your electronics!"

Keep in mind that Best Buy is an electronics STORE.

[making a cappuccino]

Woman watching me: Is that non-fat? I asked for non-fat. Can you make sure that is non-fat? Non-fat? Non-fat??
Me: Here's your non-fat cappuccino.
Woman: Can I get some whipped cream on here?


I work at a video store.

Lady (walking up to counter with some DVD): Hey, I need to exchange this movie.

Me: Does it not work? (happens every day with DVDs)

Lady: No it works, it's because, well...I'm not racist or anything, but this movie only has black people in it.

Me: ...

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