Cyne: you secretly use and love macintosh os x 10.6 "snow leopard" don't you?


One more comment like that and I will smack your face off of your face. Got it?

Jo: Steve, rumor has it that on your birthday you select one lucky child to be hurled into the sun. Confirm/Deny

SB: Who told you that? Was it Paul?

He's just jealous.

Model M: I want a new MP3 player. Currently, I have an iPod but am debating between the Zune HD and the new Android-baesd Archos PMP. What should I get?

SB: What's to debate? You can either get the Zune HD, a sparkling bastion of American technology... or something made by communists, in communist China. You do have an iPod though... what are you, some kind of half-faggot, half-socialist? Prove me wrong.

Get the Zune.

Sniep: Steve bot, what is the saddest thing?

SB: Fat chicks. Huge.

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